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"I am saving lots on long distance calls.  I used to spend $60 a month calling my son in Florida.  With magicJack, I can now spend precious time with him on the phone and not have to worry about the meter running. 
- Wilma, California

"I love it.  My daughter is in San Diego and we keep in touch all the time."
- Janet, California

YMAX Voice Network is One of a Kind

• Only network that carries the call totally IP until final destination.

• Robust telecom network includes the deployment of 42 Gatewayswitches in major cities around the country

• Certified Telecommunications company in 50 states.

Unparalleled Interconnect Agreements with global telecommunications providers equates to highest call quality and lowest cost structure.

YMax Voice Network: Newer and Bigger is Better
magicJack is the only device of its kind backed by its own network. With 42 gateway switches in major metropolitan U.S. cities and interconnection agreements across the country, YMax Voice is one of the newest and largest U.S. phone networks and can therefore offer the highest quality voice service at the lowest cost in the industry. The YMax Voice network is one of the only competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) networks in the U.S. certified in all 50 states. “As proud as I am of my invention the magicJack, it takes a backseat to the network we built and all the interconnections set up. The network is what took three years to accomplish. It is something no other company has ever done before and it would be very difficult to replicate. This is the core of YMax,” Borislow said.

“Consumers want the same high quality voice experience they have come to expect from using their traditional home or business phones, but with much lower cost and added mobility,” said Patrick Monaghan, a senior analyst with Yankee Group’s consumer research group. “A USB telephony device backed by a real phone network takes a much needed approach to bringing the end-user a level of service they expect.”

About YMax Corp
Max Corp. is a modern phone company with one of the largest newly deployed CLEC networks in the United States. Led by telecommunications veteran Daniel Borislow, YMax provides high quality, low-cost phone calls via the innovative magicJack USB device and YMax Voice network that puts an end to monthly phone bills. magicJack LP is a wholly owned subsidiary of YMax Corp. YMax also owns SJ Labs, the world leader in VoIP software, and offers its customized softphone solution with all magicJacks. YMax is a private company based in Palm Beach, Florida. Additional information about YMax can be found at   

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