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What is Mangosteen?

The mangosteen tree is very slow-growing, attains 20 to 82 ft (6-25 m) in height, has dark-brown or nearly black, flaking bark.

Antioxidants and Xanthones
Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that damage healthy cells and Xanthones are natural substances rarely found in fruits and vegetables that have potent antioxidants.

Mangosteen Benefits
Scientific research on the Mangosteen by a number of experts indicates that it can have well over 100 positive effects.

How Mangosteen Is Used
The wood of the Mangosteen is used to make handles, the fruit is made into jam, and the leaves and pericarp have been used for nutrition and medicine.

Mangosteen's Food Value
A list of Mangosteen's nutrtional values.

Where Does Mangosteen Grow?
The mangosteen tree is found predominantly in Southeast Asia in countries like China, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Philippines.

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