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Free Local and Long Distance Calling Anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


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Free Local & Long Distance Calling - Make and receive calls anywhere within the U.S. and/or Canada. Talk for free…day or night, seven days a week!

Free Phone Number - The first time you plug your magicJack into the USB port of a computer simply follow the on-screen registration. When prompted, you can select an area code & telephone number of your choice from one of many metropolitan cities nationwide- regardless of where you live!

International Calling - Take the magicJack with you when you travel to other countries. Call back to the U.S. and Canada for FREE. Use the magicJack anywhere you find high speed internet service. Pass on the savings by sending a magicJack to friends and family around the world and they too can have their very own U.S. area code and telephone number!

- Free Voicemail

- Free Call Waiting

- Free Directory Assistance

- Free Three-Way Calling

- Free Call Forwarding

Key Features of magicJack™

• Used with any existing home or business phone.

• Ease of use – 1 minute install

• Free Local and Long Distance Calling in US and Canada for $19.95 per year – as much as $1,000 annual savings vs. Bell companies, Vonage and cable companies.

• One-time magicJack retail purchase price of $39.95

• Highest quality phone service

• Unique 9-1-1 solution

• Free Follow Me, Free Voicemail, Free Call Waiting, Free Conference calling, Free Phone Number for Life.

Anyone in the US can call International magicJack users for free.

Plug the magicJack into any computer – PC or Mac - and in seconds you hear a dial tone.

The magicJack turns the computer into the communications hub for individuals, families and small businesses by extending the benefits of the Internet out to your existing phone. magicJack customers are already paying high prices for their broadband connections and now they can leverage that to get nearly free telephone service.

The size of a matchbox, the magicJack can travel with you and save what could be hundreds of dollars a day.

“The secret sauce is our proprietary system-on-a-chip and our millions of lines of software code. It’s little, but it surely packs a punch,” added Borislow. “magicJack is not only for the home, second home, and small business, it is also perfect for wherever you travel, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, Asia, South America – anywhere."

Users can call anyone in the United States and Canada from any country or to any other magicJack user in the world and the call is free. Also, parents can use magicJack as an inexpensive way to give their kids their own phone number and prevent them from racking up mobile and long distance minutes.

The magicjack is certified with the Federal Communications Commission and has five patents pending and one approved.

Simple to install

1  Plug any phone
into magicJack

2  Plug magicJack
to any USB port.

3  Pick up your
phone and talk for free


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