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If my friends and family call me, are they charged for a long distance call?
If your magicJack phone number is in the same area code as your friends and family, they are not charged long distance to call your magicJack phone number*. If they are in a different area code, they are subject to the rates their phone company would charge for calling the area code your magicJack is registered with.

*Please remember that some calls are not considered local calls, even though they are in the same area code. Please refer to your local carrier for more information on local and long distance calls.

Does magicJack support three-way calling?
Yes, magicJack supports 3-way (conference) calling for incoming calls.

How it works:
1. Have both parties call you.
2. With one party on the line, and one on hold (using call waiting), simply press ## to start a three-way call.
3. Press #* to end the three-way call.

Does magicJack have traditional “Call Waiting”?
Yes, it does. If you get another call during a call, press the Flash button on your telephone to switch between calls.

How is the call quality on magicJack compared to a cell phone?
Most users find the call quality of magicJack to be superior to that of a cellular telephone, and to be comparable to a traditional telephone call.

Will magicJack work with a two line phone?
magicJack requires a traditional telephone handset that uses an RJ-11 plug.

Can I block Telemarketer calls on my magicJack line?
Yes, using .

Can I port my land line telephone number to magicJack?
Yes, you will be able to transfer or port your existing local phone number to magicJack, for a nominal fee, sometime in 2009.

Can magicJack replace my existing home phone service?
Yes, it can. You get a regular telephone number, incoming and outgoing calls, and a host of "regular" features. You can use magicJack with your existing telephone as well.

If my kids are using magicJack on their computer, can I use magicJack on my computer?
Yes. More than one magicJack may be used at the same time behind the same router.

Does magicJack work behind a firewall?
Yes it does. In some rare cases, you might have to disable your firewall during the registration process (less than 2 minutes) and enable it as soon as the registration is complete.

Will magicJack work with wireless broadband?
Yes. magicJack works with wireless broadband such as EVDO and HSDPA.

Will magicJack work with satellite Internet like Direct TV, Hughes, or Windstream?
No. We do not recommend using magicJack with satellite Internet, as it is not High Speed Internet.

Will magicJack work with cable internet service?
Yes. magicJack requires approximately 80 kbps of bandwidth.

Does my computer need to be on to make or receive calls?
Yes. If the computer is turned off, voicemail will automatically take the call. You can also use our call forwarding feature to forward calls to your cell, home, or business number when the computer is turned off.

Can I keep my current land line telephone number?
NOT YET. You will be able to transfer or "port" your existing local phone number to magicJack, for a nominal fee, sometime in 2009.

Is VOIP the same as landline phones?
Yes and No. VoIP allows you to make and receive calls just as you would use
regular phone service but here lies the difference: VoIP requires that you have a
router and an expandable cordless phone system . And, unlike regular
phone service, if you lose internet connectivity or power, your VoIP service will be lost.

Can I use magicJack to forward calls to my cell phone?
Yes, you can.  Click the bottom left corner of your magicJack, where it reads "Click Here To Order or my.magicJack".


Visit and login to set up call forwarding.

Can I send and receive faxes using magicJack?
Sometimes.  We do not officially support using faxing with magicJack.

Please try the following steps to use magicJack with your fax (contact your fax vendor for details):

1. Turn off error correction on your fax machine or program
2. Set the fax machine or program to use the slowest speed available
3. Increase the speed, checking at each speed that faxes work


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